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June 13th (Wed)

KA-03 June 13th (Wed) 11:25-12:05
  • Seculity

  • in Japanese

[sponsors]NETSCOUT Arbor

A close look at the Cyber Attacks which are related to Large-scale Events

Toshio Nawa

Honorary Advisor

Toshio Nawa

KA-06 June 13th (Wed) 14:20-15:00
  • Seculity

[sponsors]VMware, K.K.

Security in a Cloud-based World

Bruce Davie

VMware, Inc
VP and CTO

Bruce Davie

June 14th (Thu)

KA-10 June 14th (Thu) 10:30-11:10
  • Seculity

  • in Japanese

[sponsors]Cisco Systems G.K.

Cyber security evolution
- Actual situation of threats and Factors required for the countermeasures

Yoshimasa Tai

Cisco Systems G.K.
Global Security Sales Organization (GSSO)
Operations Directo

Yoshimasa Tai

KA-16 June 14th (Thu) 16:10-16:50
  • Seculity

[sponsors]WinMagic Japan

Securing migration to the cloud

Marty Milbert

WinMagic Corp.
Vice President, Enterprise Solutions

Marty Milbert

June 15th (Fri)

KA-23 June 15th (Fri) 15:15-15:55
  • Seculity

[Sponsors]McAfee Co.,Ltd.

Devise-to-Cloud Cybersecurity
–Pursuing Digital Transformation–

Osamu Yamano

President, McAfee Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Vice President, McAfee LLC

Osamu Yamano

Security to set up "attack business" instead of defense, its latest trend and countermeasures gathered

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