What is ShowNet?

I Know it works because I saw it at Interop.

I Know it works
because I saw it at Interop.

“ShowNet” has always been a comprehensive internet technology demonstration of Interop Tokyo since the beginning of the show back in 1994.
As many of Interop fan knows the naming “Interop” originates from[InterOperability] and THIS IS indeed what ShowNet is composed of.
You will see various and wide range of interacted equipment and services selected and gathered from Interop Tokyo’s exhibitors.
Giving a special prominence to its contents, ShowNet presents a brand-new theme of the hottest issues every year.



Best of ShowNet Award

Grand Prize


MX10003 Juniper Networks



Zabbix Enterprise Appliance ZS-7300 Zabbix Japan

Special Prize


Deployment the Base Stations of Regional BWA Service by Hanshin Group to the ShowNet. Hanshin Cable Engineering / Huawei Japan