What is ShowNet?

Interop and ShowNet

Interop is originated from the conference called TCP/IP Vendors Workshop held in Monterey back in 1986 where engineers from academic and industry gathered and started discussion about the interoperability. As their discussion made progress, they started test the interoperability with their products. These effort has contributed the development of internet technology.

I Know it works because I saw it at Interop.

I Know it works
because I saw it at Interop.

This is the copy of the first Interop Tokyo in 1994 and this is THE spirit of Interop.
While there are a lot of ways to get information though internet, they never prove that the products are really working or not in live. Interop has delivered the “LIVE” information to stake holders how the latest technology works.

Interop Tokyo is proud of delivering the “ShowNet” since 1994.

What is ShowNet?

“ShowNet” has always been a comprehensive internet technology demonstration of Interop Tokyo since the beginning of the show back in 1994. This network is deployed all over the show floor with the cutting edge technology and serve stable internet connectivity to exhibit booth and attendees.

Over $80 million worth products and service contribution and over 400 engineers from academic and industry are involved with the ShowNet project. A lot of efforts, passion and contribution makes the ShowNet happen every year.

Exhibitors are able to have live demonstration in their booth and the attendees can experience the latest technology during the show.

Who is involved with ShowNet?


Every equipment and service consists of ShowNet is contribution from the exhibitors. Flagship products and the latest products without serial number and the first debut products are contributed as well. 
Contributors participates from the wide area such as Internet connectivity(ISP, Carrier services), datacenter, enterprise network and edge network. They get gather and test the multi-vendor interoperability through this project.


The top engineers from academic and industry volunteer to take initiative of designing concept, network, and on-site deployment & operation.
There are also a lot of engineers from contributors and volunteer members from the public subscription.
Around 400 engineers are involved with this project every year.