Yukimi Sohta

Proofpoint Japan K.K.

Sr. Evangelist

  • INT


Speaker introduction

After working as a system consultant at Oracle Japan, where Yukimi Sohta built business systems, she worked as a threat intelligence specialist at FireEye Japan. As Evangelist at Cybereason Japan, she was involved in cybersecurity awareness activities and introduced Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), a completely new solution for detection and responding to post-intrusion attackers, to the market and led the company to become the No.1 EDR market leader in Japan.
During this time, Yukimi was appointed as the Cybersecurity Technical Advisor for Chiba Prefectural Police. She has given keynote speeches at conferences like Interop and SecurityDays which are the biggest cybersecurity events in Japan, as well as many conferences hosted by police agency and Japanese government. Yukimi is a well-known and established though leader in the IT cybersecurity community in Japan.