Rich Thompson


VP, Solutions Strategy

  • INT


Speaker introduction

As a VP Solutions Strategy , Rich is leading Solutions & Technical Marketing team on BlackBerry.
Rich has been with BlackBerry for 6 years, joining the organization in October for 2014. Rich isour subject matter expert on the retail industry and PCI compliance.
Prior to joining Cylance in 2014, Rich has 25+ years of experience in security. Thisincludes 21 years leading security efforts at the regional and national level in the retail industry, and 5 years leading Sales Engineering and Professional Services efforts in the enterprise software industry. His expertise in forensics, incident response, electronic discovery, information risk management and governance leads Blackberry in the vision of protecting every endpoint under the sun.

Education, Training, and Certifications EnCase Certified Forensics Examiner (ENCE)
EnCase Certified E-Discovery Practitioner (EnCEP)
Cylance Security Professional (CSP)