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Since the first event in Japan in 1994, Interop has always been with the change of internet industry and our society.
“I know it works because I saw at Interop” We always believe this philosophy and we will continue to share the lates and cutting edge technology.
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The number of visitors 2022

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27,913 (12,298)

6/16(Thu) Cloudy


29,403 (10,940)

6/17(Fri) Cloudy


33,319 (14,469)



90,635 (37,707)

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KA1-01 Keynote │ 6.15(Wed) 09:30-10:10

– Connecting the World

  • SpaceX
    Vice President of Starlink Commercial Sales

    Jonathan Hofeller

KA1-04 Keynote │ 6.15(Wed) 12:30-13:10

The future by the mobility X the Internet
~MONET Technologies vs. APEV talk~

  • Board Director, MONET technologies Inc.
    / Vice President,Head, Research Institute of Advanced Technology, Softbank Corp.

    Ryuji Wakikawa

  • Directors, Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles

    Hiroshi Fujiwara

KA1-08 Keynote │ 6.15(Wed) 16:30-17:50

Local 5G Summit

  • Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

    Hisashi Onaga

  • Research Institute of Electrical Communication Tohoku University

    Hirokazu Igarashi

  • NEC Corporation
    Digital Network Business Division, Executive Professional, Technology Evangeilst

    Koichiro Fujimoto

  • Cisco Systems G.K.
    Principal Sales Architect

    Isamu Monji

  • Internet Research Institute, Inc.

    Katsuya Watanae

KA2-01 Keynote │ 6.16(Thu) 09:30-10:10

Transform 5G mobile networks with the Microsoft Cloud

  • Microsoft
    Corporate Vice President

    Yousef Khalid

KA2-02 Keynote │ 6.16(Thu) 10:30-11:10

State of Open Networking & Edge

  • The Linux Foundation
    GM of Networking and Orchestration

    Arpit Joshipura

KB2-05 Keynote │ 6.16(Thu) 13:30-14:10

Dive deep into transformational Google Cloud technologies

  • Google Cloud Japan G.K.
    Customer Engineer (Networking Specialist)

    Seiji Ariga

KA2-06 Keynote │ 6.16(Thu) 14:30-15:10

A new space integrated computing network opened up by Space Compass

  • Space Compass

    Koichiro Matsufuji

  • Space Compass

    Shigehiro Hori

  • Keio University

    Jun Murai

KA2-08 Keynote │ 6.16(Thu) 16:30-17:30

Toward the Realization of a Digital Society

  • Minister for Digital,Minister in charge of Administrative Reform ,Minister of State for Regulatory Reform

    Dr. MAKISHIMA Karen

  • Keio University

    Jun Murai

  • NANO OPT Media,Inc., Chairman and Executive Director
    / Internet Research Institute, Inc., President and CEO

    Hiroshi Fujiwara

KA3-01 Keynote │ 6.17(Fri) 09:30-10:10

LINE's hyperscale AI that brings AI Transformation to Japan

  • LINE Corporation
    AI Company CEO

    Shinichiro Isago

KB3-04 Keynote │ 6.17(Fri) 12:30-13:10

Fundamental technologies supporting the evolution of the cloud virtualization infrastructure and networks

  • Amazon Web Services Japan
    Senior Evangelist

    Harunobu Kameda

KB3-07 Keynote │ 6.17(金) 15:30-16:50

Future vision of broadcasting in the IP network era

  • TVer INC.

    Hisaya Suga

  • Kuwadate, Inc.

    Tatsuya Kurosaka

  • Yasuji Eguchi Office LLC.

    Yasuji Eguchi

  • NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute

    Keiko Murakami


  • Network Infrastructure

  • Security

  • Cloud Computing

  • Enterprise DX

  • 5G / Local 5G

  • Edge Computing / MEC

  • AI / IoT

  • Quantam Tech

  • Media over IP

  • IOWN

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