Best of Show Award

Companies and organizations exhibit Interop Tokyo 2021,and they introduce their products, solutions and services.From those products, solutions ,and services, jurys who are expert of IT select grandprix and special award.Products, Solutions, Services which Finalistd and selected as Best of Show Award representing IT trend of this year.

Finalist Winners

Supported by

  • クラウド&データセンター
  • ScanNetSecurity
  • SecurityNEXT
  • デジタルクロス
  • 日経xTECH

Interop Tokyo 2021 Best of Show Award committee

Executive Committee

Osamu Nakamura
Faculty of Enviroment and Information Studies Professor Keio University

Committee members

Hirochika Asai
Senior Project Researcher Keio Research Institute at SFC
Kenji Ikeda
Analyst, Cloud & Datacenter Complete Guide, Impress Corporation
Satoshi Uda
Assistant Professor, Research Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Masafumi Oe
Vice director of IT Security Office, IT Security Office Inter-University Research Institute Corporation National Institutes of Natural Sciences National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
Kazumasa Kobayashi
Project Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University/Director, Network Testbed Research and Development Promotion Center, Network Testbed Operation Group National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Masahiro Shido
Editor in Chief, DIGITAL X, Impress Corporation
Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo
Junya Takahashi
Publisher, ScanNetSecurity, Media Division IID, Inc.
Tomohiro Takeyama
Security NEXT Executive Producer NEWSGAIA Co.,Ltd.
Masahiro Kato
NIKKEI x TECH, Editor-in-chief Nikkei Business Publications,Inc. JAPAN
Isao Horikoshi
NIKKEI x TECH, Depty Editor Nikkei Business Publications,Inc. JAPAN

*Without honorifics (names listed) [as of March 30th, 2021]