IoT World

Experiece the Connected World spread by IoT

SDI ShowCase 次のクラウド構築のためのテクノロジー&ソリューション

Interop Tokyo has proposed the next Connected World since late 90`s by demonstrating what can be possible and what will be the challenges when more things are connected with the internet.

And now, network environment, technology, cost, etc., the environment surrounding us through this 10 years have progressed greatly. Smart things are connected to clouds with broadband wireless network and big data is analyzed and deliver more value to stakeholders.
The new business movement is growing with this new ecosystem On the other hand, there are new challenges to deliver the new connected economy such as technology standards, interoperability, security and new business model. Considering the business innovation with no idea until now, by the harmony of the technology to achieve it, it is considered whether going to break the future of IoT industry. About this technology surface in the IoT through special planning and business face to introduce the people of visitors, we believe if familiar with the help of future IoT related business expansion.

IoT World is the brand new signature event in Interop Tokyo 2015.
Meet up with business and technology leaders here and accelerate the IoT ecosystem.

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