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About ShowNet

About ShowNet

“ShowNet” has always been a comprehensive demonstration of Interop Tokyo since its very first holding in 1994.

As many of Interop fan knows the naming “Interop” originates from [InterOperability] and THIS IS indeed what ShowNet is composed of.
You will see various and wide range of interacted equipments and services selected and gathered from Interop Tokyo’s exhibitors.

Giving a special prominence to its contents,
ShowNet presents a brand-new theme of the hottest issues every year.
This year, ShowNet will focus and demonstrate on Manageable Network Virtualization, Cloud Computing,
migration of IPv4 to IPv6,and more...

[Manageable Virtualization]
  • How to manage multiple virtualized networks
  • Different network service provided by to the users by on-demand platform of virtualization network.
[IPv4 address exhaustion and migration of IPv6]
  • Hot migrate to IPv6 when IPv4 address is exhausted.
[Cloud Computing]
  • -Cloud Technology, Virtualization resource management,Visualization

ShowNet verify the substances of popular keywords in Network world through the real demonstration.

ShowNet Backbone

ShowNet constructs "ShowNet Backbone" by gathered equipments from exhibitors.
Using this network, you will find out what tasks existing network has.
and, you will see the demonstration how to solve the tasks.
ShowNet brings you the advanced equipments operating and connecting each other as you can see on the picture underneath.

※Click on a picture to enlarge.

※Above picture is as of Mar 17, 2010. ※All brand names, system names, and product names are registered trademarks of their respective companies. 「™」and 「®」 are not specified.

ShowNet external

ShowNet has an actual connection of surprising 121Gbps in total, the super wide band.
Data Center is connected to each major transit provider,IXs,and Advanced testbed network.

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